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Presentation Day

Going to be doing my presentation to the immedia team and everyone that participated. I have everything prepared but still really really nervous…I’m not much of a...

Day 5

Due to nerves and a lack of work I spent the day fixing the final details of my presentation and writing out what I needed to cover in the premier.

Day 4

Today I went over some edits my mentor suggested and continued to familiarise the inner workings of the Fabrik system. Today was a preparation for the premiere tomorrow

Day 3

Today I compiled all my data into a PowerPoint presentation and did more research into the Fabrik system to increase my base knowledge of the system.

Day 2 – Coding and Frustration

Day two, a day full of frustration, trying desperately to figure out how to call weather forecasts for multiple days and to fix a multitude of errors. After hours of staring at my computer screen, I felt the need to try out the other tasks given. I had a choice in a...

Day 1 – Planning & Coding

After meeting my mentor and receiving my tasks, I started planning out my weather forecast app for android. Jotting down notes into Google Docs, analyzing my requirements, planning out my screens and features. At first, I thought developing a weather app would be easy...

Day 2

I worked primarily on coming up with the campaign concept for a Radio station, using the Fabrik system, to use. It would seem the whole assignment is designed to advance my understanding of the Fabrik system and how a Digital Artisan aids in the betterment of the...

My Summer School experience

I personally felt I learnt a great deal in the short time I was apart of the summer school experience and that was due to the good work from the Immedia peeps who were willing to take time of their days to assist us several times throughout the week and I am very appreciative of that and of this experience and am definitely going to build on what I have learnt this week as it is a great interest of mine and hope to pursue a career in this specialist field in the not too distant future.


Summer school was a great experience and I would like to share what I have grasped with from it: Communication is a huge topic. Having a course with communication is a huge boost to your CV. Being an effective communicator helps you solve analytical problems. It can...