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Day 1 of Summer School

Woke up early but ended up being late somehow but we’ll look past that and talk about the experience that I had today. First I learned about something I didn’t know about, didn’t even know that it existed which is Scrum, I think...

Summer School Day 1

All of the mentors are really chilled and down-to-earth, it really makes one look forward to the week ahead at Summer School.


I am so excited. We were welcomed by Kelly. We had a session on scrum and agile development. We played a game that showed us about productivity when we work in a team. We initially took 21 seconds to complete the task but had many tries and we...

Day 1 + Day 2

Day 1 was about getting to know your mentors as well as the other summer schoolers. The day started off with an orientation presentation where we were informed on how immediate works on a day to day basis. Once that was done we had a mini-lecture...