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My first day at Summer School was exciting and new to me. I was lucky enough to be assigned to team Nimbus (Web Development Team). The most intriguing aspect of my day was hearing the different team members talk about the extremely interesting...

Day 1,2,3,4,5

Dear blog I was lucky enough to come back to summer school for the second time, and I am in the web development team. It is an everyday mountain climb and adventure at the same time. So I am graduating in BA Graphic Design and Photography, I love...

#Day 4&5

I have learned to do a website. I had to do a 3-page website.  While I was doing this website I have learned a lot of new things and I have done things I have not thought about doing and doubted myself. it was challenging but I have achieved my goals.


My day was great, we still trying to finish up our website with my Partner. We almost done, what left is to connect the form to the database so that the information that is entered to the form can go straight to the database.