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My first day at summer school was a nervous yet exciting one. I was given a warm welcome by Geek Managed Services, and I was introduced to my mentors for the week, Lusanda and Phumlani. The day kicked off with orientation, this is where we were given our agenda for the week and what was expected of us and we went through some house rules. I observed the operations that were carried out by the team throughout the day. I was assigned the task of labelling and cleaning a clients’ computer, and downloading ESET endpoint antivirus and performing software updates for another client. I tested approximately 30 hard drives using a hard drive reader to see if they work or not. During the course off the day I watched videos on cloud computing, network fundamentals and TCP/IP and OSI models. I assisted Phumlani in opening a MacBook Pro in order to swap the CD drive, it was an exciting task despite running into some problems. At the end of the day I was tasked with testing a MacBook, its accessories and a monitor. I had to check if all the accessories for the MacBook were functioning properly such as the keyboard, camera, speakers and mouse. I also assisted in running a system diagnostics test on a computer.

Labelled and Tested hardware

hard drive reader

watching content

monitor being tested to see if it is functioning

box of hard drives that were tested

opening a MacBook

running a software diagnostics test