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I was given a task that helped me a lot on my starting journey of becoming and discovering the world of being a mobile developer.

#SUMMERSCHOOL Website Progress

Completed the website project but still aim to improve as much as I can. Added a simple booking form in which visitors have the option to book a viewing from the seats of their...

#Summerschool Day 1

The first day at summer school, it was a very exciting experience. I have got to meet a lot of new people who are helping me with web development. I had the pleasure of hearing the other team members talk about how they go about doing things and...

Day 2 making Ethernet cables, what fun??!!!

Well, is there anything else more time consuming than making ether net cables? Today i started of by cleaning the workshop with Nevlin, attended a meeting with the CEO of immedia Mr.Anice Hassim, the meeting was absolutely mind changing, a...