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My first 3 days of Summer School – Nokusa Duma

When I look at the progress I’ve made in the past couple of days, I am proud because I’m learning and applying the things I’ve learned. When I make a mistake, I figure out how to solve the problem by either asking for help or either looking for a solution online. I feel like with more practice and patience, I can really become better at this.

Summary of my week at immedia

There was this thing that the GEEKs and the team did every morning before we get on with work of the day, its called “Standup and Share”, where each and every GEEK nor team member would stand up and share which tasks they were up to the previous day and also which challenges they faced during their tasks, and we would also share which tasks one will be doing on that current day. 

Day 2 making Ethernet cables, what fun??!!!

Well, is there anything else more time consuming than making ether net cables? Today i started of by cleaning the workshop with Nevlin, attended a meeting with the CEO of immedia Mr.Anice Hassim, the meeting was absolutely mind changing, a...

The penultimate day of Summer School

We spoke about digital media and how it can help businesses as well as society in terms of improving growth. As digital media doesn’t required much infrastructure.