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Last day at Geek =(

I learnt about “mini” computers, yes mini computers, well its called a raspberry pi and this little thing is so cool. I used it to make an emulation station for playing arcade games. This was one of the most fun tasks I had to do.


I learned to remotely help clients with their different problems pertaining their emails etc through virtual geek, I used team viewer software to log on into the client’s machine to help them solve their problems wherever they are in this world, I also had clients computers that needed windows upgrades I worked on.

Summer school day 5

Summer school has been an amazing experience! Personally I didn’t have much knowledge about computers at the beginning of the week but now I can comfortably say I’ve gained a great foundation and knowledge of this field of work. The environment...

Day 1 of summer school: Getting Roms for the Retropie

Well, today I had to find ROMs for the retro pie, very cool indeed, found some classic stuff on arcade punks, managed to download and install Atari 7200 after this was done I played around to see if it was working and sure as well it was, after...