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Day 1 of summer school: Getting Roms for the Retropie

Well, today I had to find ROMs for the retro pie, very cool indeed, found some classic stuff on arcade punks, managed to download and install Atari 7200 after this was done I played around to see if it was working and sure as well it was, after...

immedia experience

The whole experience with immedia summer school has left me feeling really motivated, I’ve got some great industry insights for my academic studies, top tips about teamwork, and I have learnt so much about myself too.

12 December

On the 12th of December I had an opportunity to learn about firewalls, the types of firewall and their uses and Nakita she showed me how to configure a firewall ,a fortinat firewall.

Last day at summer school

I am a bit sad because this is my last day of the week here at immedia summer school, today I installed Retro Pie on the Raspberry Pie, took a bit long because the main problem was with the sd card and the HDMI cable 😂, yeah the cable was...

Summer School

Hi people I had a wonderful day at Summer School. Nakita she was so welcoming ,although she was a little busy but she managed to spare her time to show me some things.