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The day comprised of me continuing with the task of designing my website using Visual Studio. My mentor was of great aid as she helped me rework my website design.

Day 4

It is unfortunate that our time at immedia, or in my case Geek Patrol, is coming to an end.

immedia Summer School – Day 4

Day 4 kicked off with a very interesting “Mindshift” audio-visual presentation/talk by Anice. Quite thought-provoking. Breakfast snacks kindly provided by immedia. Continued working with / finding my way around...

Mindshift Morning Experience #immedia

I Did Not See This Experience Coming, But I Am So Happy It Came. Anice (Strategist) Came On Board To Explain The immedia Ecosystem, The Evolvement Of The World Of IT And How Things Are Shaped And Phasing Out.