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My Day 14 #SummerSchool

    I was working of doing Student Portal API The following Swagger of the Course that is need by Students to get registered… Here are the requirements: i was able to get all Courses, as you see the first get . I was able to update...

#Day 3

Today I learnt about the  repository pattern and it’s benefits , I also learnt how to create repository for students and course model on Microsoft visual studio. Thank you to my mentors Margaret and Pinkie for assisting me throughout the...

Remarkable First Day

They welcomed us with open hands and taught us the importance of being in a team and working together.
To me this an opportunity of a lifetime, the industry exposure you get is priceless.

Day #1 – Android

Day #1 @summerschool So glad to be back at immedia for the second round of summer school, my first day was pretty cool as I started off my day installing Android Studio (necessary software). I began with my first app: I created a Login app. My...