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The icebergs of societal opinions!

We are made to believe there is a ladder to climb. When in fact the only mission of life is progress. Not just mine or the next person, but that of entire communities.

Summer School Day 3

Today was yet another great day at immedia. The highlight of the day was the presentation by the founder of immedia, Anice Hassim, who enlightened us with the history of immedia. It may sound a bit boring to some, but we actually found it really...


The day comprised of me continuing with the task of designing my website using Visual Studio. My mentor was of great aid as she helped me rework my website design.

Day 5- last day

The skills and experience I required during the course of the week will never be forgotten. From the bottom of my heart I thank the entire immedia party for helping me move forward and pave the way for my future. THANK YOU. YOU’LL ROCK!!!!!!!!

5th Day, A Sad Day!!!!

Usually On Fridays People Get Excited Cause Of The Weekend Ahead And Being Home With Their Families, To Me, It Had To Be A Sad Day Since Its My Last Day At immedia. It Was Great Being Here And Being Exposed To The Bigger And Better World Of IT And...