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For a week during the summer vacation from November to February, immedia offers students a chance to gain real-world experience in our commercial studio based in Umhlanga, Durban.


the immedia ecosystem

ecosystem support

Hone your skills in any of the company-wide support teams, learning how to manage technical projects, events or a diverse and exciting office.

immedia Studio

app development

Learn how to design and develop websites and mobile apps in any of the major ecosystems – Android, iOS or Windows.

Geek Managed Services

technical services

Help solve people’s technical nightmares at their home or office, in a language that makes sense to them.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the course of the Summer School season, we’ll also be hosting Open Nights – educational evening events where anyone can come learn, share and connect!






Design Rules

Basic design rules.

iOS And PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Agile Development)

Day 03 Of iOS Development Getting Tensor And Interesting At The Same Time. Then When I Thought immedia Is Just Going To About iOS The Whole Week, (((((BOOM))))))))

DAY 3: API Development

I had created another API Application (BOT), learned how to integrate BOT Hero Cards and Thumbnail cards and learned how to integrate a Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) into my application

Day 2


Summer School ’18 Day 1

A lecture on SCRUM and Agile development was taught thereafter we played a game that explained to us how we improve productivity when you work as a team. As seen in the image attached, we initially took 40 seconds to complete the task given to us, but through several iterations,


I learned to remotely help clients with their different problems pertaining their emails etc through virtual geek, I used team viewer software to log on into the client’s machine to help them solve their problems wherever they are in this world, I also had clients computers that needed windows upgrades I worked on.

Week with the Geeks

It was really awesome spending the week with Geek Patrol, got to learn quite a bit from these guys. Being a Windows user, I learned how to troubleshoot some problems on a Mac.

Singing at Summer School!

I am having a good time at immedia Summer School!

Day 4 !!


2nd Day


Day 5 @ immedia

My mentor taught me everything i needed to know with regards to Technical support!

Day 2

Today was an exciting experience, learned how to design a log in page on Android studio.

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the immedia ecosystem

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