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For a week during the summer vacation from November to February, immedia offers students a chance to gain real-world experience in our commercial studio based in Umhlanga, Durban.



the immedia ecosystem

ecosystem support

Hone your skills in any of the company-wide support teams, learning how to manage technical projects, events or a diverse and exciting office.

immedia Studio

app development

Learn how to design and develop websites and mobile apps in any of the major ecosystems – Android, iOS or Windows.

Geek Managed Services

technical services

Help solve people’s technical nightmares at their home or office, in a language that makes sense to them.






Design Rules

Basic design rules.

iOS And PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Agile Development)

Day 03 Of iOS Development Getting Tensor And Interesting At The Same Time. Then When I Thought immedia Is Just Going To About iOS The Whole Week, (((((BOOM))))))))

Day 3 Summer School


Summer School Day 4, For Sure!


Technical Support

I’ve learnt the components of the computers, creating a hard drive partition, how to make your own network cable (RJ45) and I’ve make quite a few of them. See pictures as proof….enjoy!!


Day #3 another success! Today I attended a session based on Cloud Computing. It was interesting to learn about Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure.

Last day :(

Special thanks to my mentor Nosipho, she gave me everything I needed to know. We covered grid views, recycler views, toolbars, tabs, navigation drawer, fragments, activities, intent, and Rest APIs, it is all up to me now.

Day 4 and 5

Web development

First Day Vibes

Creating my first application on android studio, was a blast. I’ve learnt so much. I still cant believe how fast the WiFi is!

My day one

Great experience I had today, which is learning a new coding language, JQuery.

I have learnt new ways of coding, all thanks to immedia.

Last day today :(


second last day #day 4


Day 2

We learnt about discipline in the work environment , focus and keeping up with the pace when on duty

Day 2 Duties

I made a really cool login page and that was so fun! I am learning something new everyday. I’m so excited to learn something new tomorrow!

Second Day in Web Dev.




Singing at Summer School!

I am having a good time at immedia Summer School!

Day 5 .Net Web API and Bot Apps

I would like to start by saying immedia is the best tech company ever!

They provided us with this priceless experience for free. We learned a lot and it inspired us to learn more.

They assigned us great mentors and the work environment is so great. Learning never ends.

Thank you immedia, for the Summer School. God Bless You!


Here I was troubleshooting the printer and I detected the errors and solved them.

2nd Day


Agile and Other Tools #DAY2


APIs Day #1



Day #3 another success! Today I attended a session based on Cloud Computing. It was interesting to learn about Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure.

Day one of summer school-android development.


Day 1 and 2 @immedia Summer School


End of Summer School….for now.


Day 3: immedia Summer School

I am getting too used to the above average Wi-Fi as I find myself having a harder time dealing with my Wi-Fi when I get home. Overall a fun a productive day.

DAY 2: API Development

I am really enjoying this on-the-job working experience. Watching how the team at Immedia collaborate and communicate with each other is impressive.



Day 4 and 5

Web development

Day 3_ coffee saved the day

I started of by installing software on Hp laptops and then changing the icons from shortcuts to standard apps. This for me was a new learning experience making the learning part thrilling. 

MY first Bot

I just tried a travel Bot and so far so good.
And yes that is real time flights, info pulled in by API’s.

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