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For a week during the summer vacation from November to February, immedia offers students a chance to gain real-world experience in our commercial studio based in Umhlanga, Durban.


the immedia ecosystem

ecosystem support

Hone your skills in any of the company-wide support teams, learning how to manage technical projects, events or a diverse and exciting office.

immedia Studio

app development

Learn how to design and develop websites and mobile apps in any of the major ecosystems – Android, iOS or Windows.

Geek Managed Services

technical services

Help solve people’s technical nightmares at their home or office, in a language that makes sense to them.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the course of the Summer School season, we’ll also be hosting Open Nights – educational evening events where anyone can come learn, share and connect!






4th Day at Summer School

4th Day at Summer School

Day 2

We learnt about discipline in the work environment , focus and keeping up with the pace when on duty

Final Day

A big thanks to Selene and her team for giving us the opportunity to grow and to see how companies really expect from students who are about to step into the working environment. We love you guys!

Summer School Day 2

I began to grasp the various concepts of the framework, Angular JS  which is quite cool for styling web pages.

2nd Day at Summer School

2nd Day at immedia

3rd Day at Summer School

3rd Day at immedia

Last day :(

Special thanks to my mentor Nosipho, she gave me everything I needed to know. We covered grid views, recycler views, toolbars, tabs, navigation drawer, fragments, activities, intent, and Rest APIs, it is all up to me now.

Technical Support

I’ve learnt the components of the computers, creating a hard drive partition, how to make your own network cable (RJ45) and I’ve make quite a few of them. See pictures as proof….enjoy!!

Microsoft APIs

My day two is pretty awesome, I got exposed to very interesting Microsoft APIs.

Summer School ’18 Day 1

A lecture on SCRUM and Agile development was taught thereafter we played a game that explained to us how we improve productivity when you work as a team. As seen in the image attached, we initially took 40 seconds to complete the task given to us, but through several iterations,

23 February 2017

Here I made an Ethernet cable myself and I was checking it If it was working or not. Guess What?? I was connected to the internet, meaning it was working correctly.

Day 5 @ immedia

My mentor taught me everything i needed to know with regards to Technical support!

Day 4



Day #3 another success! Today I attended a session based on Cloud Computing. It was interesting to learn about Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure.

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