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What is Summer School?

Summer School is a one-week work experience programme for students of all levels and disciplines, especially those who would like pursue a career in the IT space. This is purely exposure to our environment and does not result in placement, but could give you a glimpse into the various development platforms we utilise, and could get you started on developing new skills for your future career.

During the week, you will be exposed to the various career paths in which you’re interested. Each day, you will be allocated a mentor who works within a particular field and can give you tasks and guidance based on your skill level and interest.

By being immersed in a real studio environment, you get to experience the process of bringing a product to life with the assistance of a fun & super helpful team.

Who should apply?

This opportunity is perfect for top students who are passionate about IT and wish to get a head start on creating their portfolio of work, or who just have lots of questions about their intended career. Our aim is simply to educate you about what you can expect and prepare you for building a future within the industry.

Summer School is open to students at all levels of study with some knowledge about coding, networking or software design.

If you are studying within any of these fields, you would definitely find Summer School useful:

  • Software development
  • Information technology
  • Networking / infrastructure
  • Graphic design
What does Summer School cost?

At the moment, Summer School is completely free.

How do I register?

To register, go to the Register page, but take note that registration is only open from October until February – and closed the rest of the year.

It is recommended that you register from a desktop or tablet computer, as there are quite a few questions to answer which could be a little problematic on a smartphone device.

If you are having difficulty using the website, please type your answers to the required questions within an email to summerschool@immedia.co.za.

What do I need to bring to Summer School?
  • Your laptop
  • A certified copy of your green-barcoded ID
  • Lunch and snacks for yourself
What can I expect at Summer School?

When you arrive on the Monday of your Summer School, you will be assigned to a person who works within the specific field in which you’re interested.

If you have specified in your registration form that you would like to be exposed to more than one field, we’ll try our best to organise your week so that you get to be exposed to all of those fields.

During the week, you will also attend various Summer School Sessions. These are group discussions with leaders within our team accountable for specific outcomes.

How can I apply for an internship?

Summer School is not an internship – it is a one-week “work experience” type of programme where you gain light exposure to your intended career.

If you would like to apply for an internship, send your CV and motivation to headstart@immedia.co.za before June of the year in which you graduate (before your very last academic semester).