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Posts about Visual Studio

Summer School Day 2, Number of Another Chance

Today was quite interesting. I had quite the challenge as I had to install a visual studio for Mac and other software via some code on to my visual studio so I could start with the project I was tasked. But I love a good challenge. I got a little...

Day 1,2,3,4,5

Dear blog I was lucky enough to come back to summer school for the second time, and I am in the web development team. It is an everyday mountain climb and adventure at the same time. So I am graduating in BA Graphic Design and Photography, I love...

#Day 3

Today I learnt about the  repository pattern and it’s benefits , I also learnt how to create repository for students and course model on Microsoft visual studio. Thank you to my mentors Margaret and Pinkie for assisting me throughout the...

2nd Day of Summer School

On my second day of Summer School, I have learned Swagger, how to clone a code to visual studio and gain knowledge on the list of HTTP code status.