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Posts about Day 1

Day 1 at immedia

First day was, exciting, captivating,and very fascinating, all thanks to Kelly Pringle, who did an amazing job in introducing the team and I, to immedia and breaking the ice in the room.

Day 1 in an IT working environment

The first day of summer school, I was kinda nervous coming here well even my voice left me when I entered the door which is very funny but then the lady in the reception was very nice which made feel better. The welcome that we got from the two...

First Day

My first day was very great. As a student, experiencing new things that I might experience in the future is the best feeling ever one could enjoy… What I did was to download an app I was going to use to create my own app but then I...

Day #1 at SummerSchool

Today was the start of a very fun experience for me. I worked with Android Studio and created a simple Login App and started working on a Movie App. I had an amazing mentor, Pinkie Dube, who helped me all all day. I look forward to the rest of this...