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Day Two:

Tested 3 Hard-Drive devices – to ensure they are working.

Utilized a Hard-Drive reader/dock to conduct the test.

Also learnt about using the command line interface to check if the Hard-Drive is dead or not by running the “disk partition” command.

You can also use the command line interface to view all partitions, create further partitions and even format the disk if needed.

Day Two Continued ..

The second part of Day Two consisted learning about IMAP/POP email accounts.

I also created an email account using Zimbra on my mentors computer.

The account was created under the “geekpatrol.co.za” domain.

Once the account was created on the server, I added the account to a dedicated device.

This was done via outlook (Control Panel) on the selected device.

After this configuration, a test email was sent to ensure full functionality of the email account.

I also learnt about the MS Office 365 suite and covered the functions of applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, MS Teams etc.

Day Three:

Server Email Support was the topic for my third day.

I configured a router using an ethernet cable and laptop.

The SSID was changed, Passwords were changed, MAC Address filtering was enabled & the SSID Broadcast was disabled as well.

Further tasks included:

Setting up a DHCP Range between &

Setting up a static DNS Address on a router.

Assigning a static IP on the Laptop.

Day Four:

Setting up a Clients Desktop Tower.

Unpacked the machine & labelled relevant components – indicating the owner of the machine.

Gathered relevant cabling (Power, Mouse, Keyboard, VGA) and proceeded to connect the peripherals.

Once connected – the desktop was powered on & booted successfully.

Day Four continued..

The second part of my day consisted of learning about Microsoft Office 365 – more specifically, the admin side of things.

I was logged onto the office 365 cloud admin center.

I learnt how to create users, delete users and manage users & groups in general.

I also learnt about using Azure Admin Center along with the various other Admin Centers/Portals available (Teams/Outlook etc).

My task for the day was to find a way around forwarding emails to just one email address – for this I had to create a distribution list and add email accounts to this list – later this list would be added into the forwarding list for the shared mailbox that was selected.


Learnt & Tested WAPs.

Tested & Configured Routers.

Tested Hard-drives.

Configured Email Accounts on Zimbra & Outlook (IMAP/POP).

Set Up a Desktop – Downloaded necessary applications.

Explored the Microsoft Office 365 Suite – From an Administration Perspective.

Configured Accounts, Users & Groups as well as shared mailboxes & distribution lists.