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Posts about Agile


I am so excited. We were welcomed by Kelly. We had a session on scrum and agile development. We played a game that showed us about productivity when we work in a team. We initially took 21 seconds to complete the task but had many tries and we...

Day 1 + Day 2

Day 1 was about getting to know your mentors as well as the other summer schoolers. The day started off with an orientation presentation where we were informed on how immediate works on a day to day basis. Once that was done we had a mini-lecture...


Today was all about getting acquainted with the rest of the summer school members along with the mentors and staff at immedia. It has been a great first day which started off with a warm welcoming and an orientation. The orientation basically started off with everybody getting familiar with how things operate at immedia and what the working life is all about.

Day 2

Insights on long term projects and dealing with clients.

Mr. Darren showed us the waterfall model, the Agile and project management. There we learnt how to work as a team, come up with ideas tackle time management on how long we were to do something and the extra time we added to meet the deadline. That...