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Coming to summer school I was nervous because well, the world of work can be a villainous place. I was welcomed with the warmest reception with is odd because you’d think dev only ‘talk’ to machines. The week began with an introduction the Scrum/Agile concepts I have only heard of in passing. When it was explained I found it to be more practical than most of what I’ve been told previously. This may also be because I have a running imagination.

I’m constantly wishing to add new features or better existing content. The fluid structure of sprint allows these changes to be considered. As well as promoting teamwork as we share our daily progress. Today being the final day of my time at Summer School until the next run, I am proud to have learnt a new language.

A session we had earlier this week with Kelly leaves me partially ready for the presentation of my app. I say partially because as much as I can present it I don’t believe it’s my best work. I am capable of better. My mentor for the week thought I was being too hard on myself so I’ll calm down eventually. This experience sparked some work on a project I have been thinking of since October. “Procrastination is everyone worst trait”. I broke, made, broke and finally made a decent application for iOS for the first time in my career. And this was in collaboration with Kelly, Van, Ant, Anice, Ron, Rubashen and many members of the immedia Team Aphla AI who may have not even realized they were helping.

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