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I am a bit sad because this is my last day of the week here at immedia summer school, today I installed Retro Pie on the Raspberry Pie, took a bit long because the main problem was with the sd card and the HDMI cable 😂, yeah the cable was not secure enough, but never the less I made it work.

The Retro Pie system is really cool, but I do feel that I can take on more tasks, I am really keen on trying to install a version of Windows or Mac os on the Pi.

Hopefully, it should work but at a really slow pace due to certain features, but anyways this is my last blog for this week. I am really excited to come back to her summer school and spend time with the Geeks. Thanks, Nevlin, Kemlyn, Nakita, Carl, Selena, Sumeeth, Anice, Kelly and everyone else for making this week amazing, really enjoyed the tasks and presentations. Thanks, guys!

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