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Today being the last day here at immedia leaves me deeply saddened. Even though it’s only been five days, I’ve really grown attached to my Summer School peers, the mentors and staff at immedia. There’s just no way to put into words how amazing it is to be at immedia, everything from the friendly staff to the atmosphere and vibe at the office is just something else! I’d most definitely recommend that you come down here and experience this for yourself.

With all of the above, it’s still educational and we’ve all been productive. I’ve worked on and learned alot aboutt APIs to the point where I could successfully explain it to people who never knew about APIs as well as demonstrate it.

I’d like to thank immedia and all those responsible for making Summer School possible. In addition to this, special thanks goes out to my mentor, Margaret, she’s always made time for me even though she had work of her own.

Shoutouts to the other mentors Ant, Adrian and Van with whom we’ve bonded with so well! You guys rock!

And lastly, to my Summer School family Keisha, Sumendran and Trystan. I’m gonna miss y’all fam!

If I had to sum up my week at immedia in four words..immedia, please hire me.

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