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This morning I attended a MindShift session with Anice, who is the CEO of immedia. I was very intrigued.😲 🤯I learned a lot about what this organization is about, its vision and mission, and more insightful information.

During the day I had another session with Nakita, where we discussed further on email filtering systems, and I learned about Unifi, which is a system that helps an organization to centrally control different network devices. I learned what a Unifi AP is, and how to set it up. Food for the mind🧠🙂

At the end of the day, I attended the Summer School Open Night: How Gamification🎮 Can Boost Engagement. At first, I was thinking it has something to do with games, but I came to learn that it is a tool that is used in the work environment. Gamification uses elements of gaming, such as competition, and implements it in the organization to increase efficiency and encourage employees or students to achieve more, and they get a reward for completing certain tasks.


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