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A session with the founder of immedia left me feeling very confused, yet motivated. Corporate South Africa will have you believing success is a box. Cornered by a certain dress code, one way of work, a hierarchy and individualistic progress. The reality of corporate systems is the IT person it isolated in a corner somewhere surrounded by screens and walls full of notes that make no sense to non-devs.

We are made to believe there is a ladder to climb. When in fact the only mission of life is progress. Not just mine or the next person, but that of entire communities.

True success comes from collaboration, tolerance, and passion. Sometimes our visions are not completely wrong and irrelevant, they’re just early. Anice taught me that it is important to do whatever you’re doing well. Don’t get caught in one space for years because that’s what others did. And working in an environment with absolutely stunning views makes the IT industry all the more interesting. The concept that being a professional and comfort, are not mutually exclusive divisions. And don’t take away from your intellectual capacities was reiterated and validated for me in this session.

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