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What a great Tuesday!

Entering day #1 by being introduced to the world of Tizen by my mentor Ntobeko Sikithi. He explained the similarities between Tizen and Android. Even though Tizen and Android do share some similarities, they do have a few fundamental differences, such as the Tizen home screen would display applications just like an app drawer would while the Android home screen would only displays the time and one row of icons at the bottom of the screen. I have learnt that the Tizen OS is not just made for mobile devices but also for Smart TVs, Smart watches and even vehicles which use the System to access Google Maps for navigation or just to change songs.

Tizen uses the either a Native Application or a Web Application but for today Ntobeko introduced me to the Web Application side of it. He explained that there are different languages that are used to develop Tizen applications but we are only going to be using javascript. Once the IDE was installed, he showed me samples of applications and went on to explaining a little bit of what the TAU libraries contained and how they worked. My task was for today was to just go through some of the code samples to understand how everything works so I can code and learn more with Tizen tomorrow.

I cant wait!

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