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Day #1

First day, best day.
Although it was my first day, I must say it was the best day. I was assigned to a very chilled out and awesome mentor Ntobeko, who was super duper friendly regardless of the fact that I couldn’t answer any of the questions he asked me.

Yesterday I spent the day familiarizing myself with one of the most rarest and not yet popular operating system – Tizen. This OS is used to develop Samsung applications, it is a Linux based open source software platform. It uses Tizen studio as it’s IDE.

It is like a newcomer in the technology world of Samsung. It has only been used for the Z generations mobile applications (Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 being the latest and also having the latest Tizen version). Tizen is not only used for web development, it is also used for wearable(watches), native(C, C++), TV and IVI development..

I cannot wait for tomorrow(14/11/2017), as I will be designing my first Tizen mobile application..

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