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Basic UI design

The tomorrow I  was anticipating in my Day #1 blog entry, whereby I too will be ale to get into Tizen Studio and just play around and familiarise myself with the controls, components and all that.

It was interesting to design this basic UI(on the left with the “Basic” on the center), although it was just a more of a step-by-step tutorial. My mentor had gone over the basic essentials to designing an UI in Tizen.

As is Tizen Web Application is quite interesting, problem is it has less material and resources to use when developing an app. Unlike native application where there is a lot of information and resources to use online.

Sample Tizen UI design

This design uses Tizen UI components. Tizen has a whole of UI components that can be used for UI design.

What i did note is that to learn Tizen, one has to have a thorough knowledge in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.



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