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Was really inspiring to see such an intimate thriving company first hand. To be around programmers/colleagues who respect each other so immensely and treat even visitors so warmly is something to give much credit to.

I admired observing how basic etiquette and manner was so consistent with everyone, almost resembling the CEO, Anice Hassim, who has a brilliant mind, vision and energy, to watch that passion throughout the Team was a lot to learn from, for my future work space environment, no matter how it is.

The Presentation, hosted by immedia, Speaker: CEO 18.Jan.2017, made me think deeper about how essential research and thorough care of building knowledge is and how to apply it. Passion, analysing, and research go along way. Analytical minds won’t ever miss out on the depth within I.T/App.dev. Much Respect to You All.

Thank You immedia, was so fortunate to witness so much power.

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