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During this week at summer school I have been doing web development. I used C#, HTML, CSS, JSON, JavaScript and other technologies to build a movie webapp. The app retrieves movie information in JSON format using the omdb api. I have work with these before using MVC, but I haven’t worked with JSON. Initially, I was having a difficult time trying to get code working and learning how to integrate the api into my app but the more I worked on the app, the more I understood and learned. I had many ideas which I wanted to add to the app, but sadly I has very little time. The app has a feature that allows users to save the movies they love, this information will be stored in an SQL database, the user has to login or register to start adding favourites. Users also have their own profile, they can enter their details and even add a profile picture, this will also be stored in an SQL db. Another feature is, if a movie is not available on the app, the user can choose to request it, this information is stored for and is only accessible on to the App’s admin.

This week has been a great experience, I have certainly learned quite a lot.

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