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My goal for the week:

  • I wanted to create a project where people could look up any movie and view details of the movie.
  • where people could register and own a list of favorite movies.
  • create a basic algorithm that will suggest new movies to the current user. This would work by it looking for common attributes in a user’s list of favorite movies then generate I new list based on the common attributes.
  • for better suggestions, users must be able to add a list of favorite movies from other people. Now using current users’ “favorite list” and added list/s the algorithm was going to perform very well because it was going to work with even more data.


The final project I presented:

People were able to register, login, and logout. When people registered their information was stored on the Azure SQL database. Before the password was stored is was hashed.

People could also search for any movie and view the details of that movie. The data was retrieved from omdbapi.com API. This was challenging since I have never worked with APIs before.

Users could perform C.R.U.D for their accounts and favorite list.


I did have enough time to do my suggestion algorithm and the favorite list only showed the primary key of the movie and not the movie details.

Users also didn’t have the option to add a profile image.

Some of the things I learned:

GitHub: Before coming to immedia the only thing I knew how to do was commit, push and pull from GitHub.

Oliver thought me the importance of committing regularly (even broken code).

I also learned how to use GitHub with a “team” (made up of Oliver and I).

To keep track of what I was doing I used GitHub’s “Project Board” and I would create a new task in “To do” Colum, then move it to “In progress” when I was doing it and finally to “Done” when I was done.

Bootstrap: When I create applications, I focus mostly on functionality and my applications would end up looking very sad. Oliver suggested that I use bootstrap to enhance my web design without doing a lot of work.


Here are some webpage screenshots. 

Details are from omdbapi.com API

People can view movie, change it or remove it. Could be improved by showing movies rather than IDs.

People can click on title to view details and they will be redirected to details page.

Sign up page with validation.


Login page with validation.


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