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Okay day 3 of coding my web API project! I’m smarter than I thought! Haha, Yes that self approval! Let me tell you something!

immedia Summer School has initiated a hardworking and ambitious side of me that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life. I’ve coded some good stuff with the help of my awesome mentor, she’s so chilled because I’m definitely the freaking out type but her composure has taught me how to keep calm and keep coding until you see the light!

As usual, after a good dose of coffee in my system I worked on my project and thereafter we had a session with the brilliant Jaco! I will never forget that guys name because he’s 100% a genius and with his brain power I probably would’ve conquered the world by now! lol we learnt about GitHub which has sparked an even greater IT interest in me!

That’s when I realized IT has no endpoint it keeps running deeper and deeper! Github was cool to see how in IT you get access to a lot of cool information from spaces most people use but don’t understand its function however as IT persons we are given the knowledge to know how Google and etc function the way in which they do! I’m LIVING MY BEST LIFE HERE!

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