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In Day 4 us students had a meeting with Senior Front End Developer, Oliver. Oliver gave us some great knowledge on useful habits and mindset when in a working environment. These habits are: writing human-friendly code (write code that others can see and will know what you are talking about), Think Organization (the organization has a big goal at the end so even when writing a small app do think about scaling possibilities and how your work will help the bigger picture), Plan before coding (and be flexible in how you get to final result), Know when to stop (Important to get the minimum requirements done first and then take that extra step but don’t spread yourself too thin), Lean to debug smarter (Use debugging tools to help you solve code problems quicker), Use Version Control (as there may be many people working on the same code it is important to save different version so you do not clash with edits made by others in team and to store a clear development of apps with its updates (GitHub Desktop is good for this)), Never Stop Learning (Programming is a constantly developing industry and this means you constantly need to keep learning to keep up to date). One big tip when learning programming is to “Learn what language works where rather than knowing all the syntax for every language”

Under the progress of my app, I was now working on the back-end and connecting functionality. All was well until I had to get the API for the forecast. I battled with this part but learnt a lot in the process. In the media I have shown some of my code and the updated UI

Code Connecting my app to internet to get api data

Code that will run when search button pressed

Updated UI

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