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Day 2 at immedia

Stand- ups occur every morning and all I have to say is that, this is something i never saw coming. As a Summer Schooler, these “meetings” have exposed me to what happens within the teams and the outstanding work that is done by the professionals.

Day 1 at immedia

First day was, exciting, captivating,and very fascinating, all thanks to Kelly Pringle, who did an amazing job in introducing the team and I, to immedia and breaking the ice in the room.

Day 4

My website is almost complete. I have learnt a lot about the working environment and what kind of mindset that immedia adopts . They encourage growth and it is a very team focused environment .The talk on future jobs was very informative .It was a sort of discussion...

Day 3

Got working on API’s and the Youtube API was more difficult I thought it would be and after spending a few hours I was able to get some help and got it working.

Day 2

I have become accustom to the environment and working a bit with a team. The day was a easy god day as my website was designed nicely and i was able to get some helpful feedback and I was able to improve.

Day 1 Summer school

The whole environment was new and I had to make a website with visual studio code and make use of html and java script which I have never worked with before. I  was also given a Mac and that was a small challenge and at the start of the day I felt like i was in over...


Just finished another day at the office developing Android. It felt so great to be included in the dev teams stand ups and to express my progress and hear what they recommend. Today I learnt about auto complete text views. I struggled for an hour or two but made head...

3rd day in Summerschool

Summer school is great!! I’m really enjoying so far. With all that I’ve learnt about Cloud infrastructure I created and published my Website in Azure. I got inspired when the founder of the company presented to us how the company was started.


The past 2 days have really stretched me in learning and understanding new topics in Android Dev.