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Day 4 & 5 – Nokusa Duma

This opportunity was so amazing and I’m super grateful for it. The staff at immedia were so lovely and kind to me, I did not feel lonely at all. Truly an experience I will forever be grateful for. I highly recommend that everyone take this opportunity.

My first 3 days of Summer School – Nokusa Duma

When I look at the progress I’ve made in the past couple of days, I am proud because I’m learning and applying the things I’ve learned. When I make a mistake, I figure out how to solve the problem by either asking for help or either looking for a solution online. I feel like with more practice and patience, I can really become better at this.

Summer school

What a great week I had at immedia, well I always wanted to develop a website but never got a chance to but thanks to immedia for giving me a chance to develop my website. Of course, it was not easy but with the help of Oliver Farmain my mentor it was a successful...

Summary of my week at immedia

There was this thing that the GEEKs and the team did every morning before we get on with work of the day, its called “Standup and Share”, where each and every GEEK nor team member would stand up and share which tasks they were up to the previous day and also which challenges they faced during their tasks, and we would also share which tasks one will be doing on that current day. 

My Summer School with Geek

I was in a room with experienced IT Technicians of which I really learnt a lot from and received such a warm welcome from the team as I was to shadow them for the week. I got to learn new Technical Skills with regards to configuring basic and ISP routers, making a cable.

Season Finale

During this week I learned the value of proper planning and time management in order to meet deadlines. It’s always a good idea to save your work every 5 minutes and push the code at least every hour.

Summer School Day 3

Finally got my sorting hat API to work!! All it does is sort you into a house, but it was hard work. I’ve also learned how to add a modal to display the information pulled from the API. I have started working on a few more features that work with the API, but...

Summer School Day 2

I spent most of the day thinking of ideas for my website and building my website with the help of Oliver. Oliver has taught me quite a few coding tricks. Honestly think I’ve got the hang of this. Everything seems to be working….For now.  

Summer School Day One

So my first day at summer school was exciting as well as informative. The environment at the office was cool and everyone was quite friendly. Kelly taught us some EFFECTIVE communication skills and gave us some tips about how to update our socials and profiles to look...


I was given a task that helped me a lot on my starting journey of becoming and discovering the world of being a mobile developer.