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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

Hope all is well
Today I will give you insight and a brief overview of what iv learnt and acquired during my summer school week in office
Just a quick introduction on myself
I’m currently attending Varsity College
Studying the bachelor of computer and information sciences in application development – 2nd year (2021)
I have been building my network and knowledge through organizations like Immedia
I’m grateful for the opportunity presented by Immedia


–>Moving onto my first day at Immedia at the office
I dived into topics regarding the cloud, different concepts which was all distilled from a Youtube video shared by my mentor
I recapped  the benefits of cloud computing and the advantages associated with cloud computing aswell as different cloud services  such as infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, function as a service & lastly software as a service
I had also recapped network fundamentals such as protocols among many others – network fundamentals is basically the building blocks of modern network design
I had intensively perused over the OSI reference model and TCP/IP model
I had shadowed my mentor through the installation process of a VPN on a clients machine which was done remotely via Anydesk
We successfully installed and loaded the root and child certificate an activated the VPN service for the client
We had reset clients passwords upon request using the portal services
I shadowed my mentor while he utilized the
  • Dynamics 365
  • Anydesk
  • Zimbra
  • And PowerAdmin – which was used for a client who wanted to transfer their mx records to google workspace


–>Diving into Day 2
I had watched a Youtube video shared by my mentor which illustrated and explained the different microsoft 365 applications and their appropriate uses and features which i distilled onto the slide on screen now
My mentor then walked me through the process of creating different email account types such as POP,IMAP and an exchange email using the Zimbra portal
I successfully created the email accounts and synced them to my outlook for testing


–>Diving into Day 3
I had recapped azure fundamentals by watching a Youtube video shared by my mentor, the video elaborated on topics such as different azure services, different architecture styles
And the ideal architecture framework which inculcates certain factors such as cost optimization, operational excellence performance, reliabilty and overall security


–>Onto the practical for Day 3
  • I was walked through the setup of a router
  • I created an SSID
  • Password protected the wireless network with encryption
  • Enabled the mac filtering on the router for which you can whitelist or blacklist certain devices using their mac address
  • Disabled the SSID broadcast
  • Setup a static DNS address on the router
  • Assigned my personal computer with static IP settings according to the instruction of my mentor
  • Formatted HDDs using CMD
  • Tested HDDs for their current state
  • Worked with switches to ensure ports are in order and working
That’s basically my week at Immedia office
I enjoyed the interaction and experience and look forward to attending Summer School again
Thank you to my mentors and all Immedia representatives involved in the summer school project, it was a pleasure indeed.