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Day 3

Today, I want to finish off the character page and work on all the content.

Not really in the mood to write all this CSS

The thing that really sucks? I have to find all the content for this.

Not that I have a problem, but it takes time.

I’m thinking of cutting out the Firebase backend to focus on polishing up the site that
I have.

I had to pull some images from the movie. Thank God the art style meant that there
was literally no smearing.

Wow, 5 hours and all I’ve been doing is writing CSS

Coming up with content sucks.


So, Site Done! Overall, I do wish I was able to make the site responsive,
and do the whole FIrebase thing, but I’m happy with what I was able to make.

It’s been a fun project, and I like to think I’ve gotten quite good at JavaScript and CSS

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