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Day 1

So, I have to build a website for a fictional movie that has:
– some static content
– phones an API
– Writes to a data store of some sort

To start off, I was going to use WordPress, but WP is super limited and annoyed me,
so here I am, building this site from scratch using the classic HTML,
CSS and possibly some JS

Right now, the plan is to at least sort out some content for the 5 static pages and at least get the
HTML and basic CSS done

From there, I’ll use Vanilla JS to do the API calls and once that’s done, write the data to a data
store (possibly FireBase, because that’s quite simple to hook up).

I got some inspiration for the site from the website of the upcoming Matrix movie.

End Day 1
So, I’ve got a home page, synopsis page, and gallery sort of done.
I just want to put the content on them and fine-tune the CSS later

Tomorrow, I build the character page as well as the cast one. I think I’ll use
the Marvel API for the character page (just an excuse to phone the API at this point)

Making this thing mobile responsive is gonna be a headache tho.
It might not be too bad, actually. I should be able to just use media queries on my grids.

The hero grid on the home page and the navbar may be an issue though.


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