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My second experience at summer school

GitHub: Before coming to immedia the only thing I knew how to do was commit, push, and pull from GitHub.

Oliver thought me the importance of committing regularly (even broken code).

I also learned how to use GitHub with a “team” (made up of Oliver and me)

My Summer School experience

Summer School was a great experience for me, a week-long of fun activities and memories. I was mentored by Theolin Naidoo where he had taught me Android Studio.  We were given 3 projects that needed to be completed by the end of the week and premiered on the last day...

My API Development week at SummerSchool

In the end, I managed to create a successful website with a few features, which I was very proud of as it was my first one. I was unable to create the website implementing the Marvel API but will finish it soon. In my opinion, It was a very good week, as I was exposed to a working environment, different people, different platforms, and software.

Summer School Experience

The immedia’s Summer School has been a great and worthwhile experience. During my time at immedia I was able to learn key skills and identify my strengths and weaknesses, as well as gain an overall exposure to working dynamics . I also had the opportunity to...

My week of Android Development at Summer School

My experience at a Summer School was way above what I initially expected! I learned a good overview of the workplace environment with Nomfundo, the benefits of being an effective communicator with Kelly, what it means to be a geek with Markus, different types of...

Summer School APIs

I was tasked to build an API and it was really interesting. I had briefly worked with APIs before and Summer School gave me a chance to improve my knowledge. Oliver really helped me a lot when I could not find a solution to the problems I was facing. I also really enjoyed hearing from Kelly on how to be an effective communicator, as well as from the different development teams, and Markus from the Geeks.

My Summer School experience

I was working with the company’s Customer Sucess team I learnt the importance of being a clear communicator and have patience when dealing with people the importance of sharing information with your team which can create a calmer work atmosphere which is a win for both the business and the customers.

Day 1-4

Day 1 First I was stunned by the environment the employee are approachable friendly. l learned how to configure Mikrotik router of which I have never done before and also I had to Mac machine which was also new to me and did not support software to configure the router so I had to install it in a virtual machine and on top of that I had to install middleware application called Wine for an order for it to run it was a good experience it disturbs my comfort zone.

Day 1 and Day 2

I think working near the ocean is super nice when was stressed with the design I just walked out to the balcony for a breather

SummerSchool – APIs Day 1 and 2

I started off at Summer School excited but also nervous because I felt like I was doing a really difficult topic. I really enjoyed Kelly’s talk on how to be an effective communicator because it is often something I battle with