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First page

Day three today. After completing the first draft of the website, I then started working on the first page of my website. I got the opportunity to show my website to my mentor who gave great pointers to help me improve my website and I really learned a lot in terms of...

First draft

Today I started drafting down the website, just a simple sketch to lay down my ideas on what I want the layout to look like. I played around with the development tools, just to get the feel and get comfortable using them.

My Summer School journey begins.

I will be building an Android application using Kotlin and NASA's Open API. I am looking forward to learning more and improving my software development skills so that I can continue to grow within the tech industry.

choosing the right tool

On day 1, this is when i was given the task to develop a website. Today I was doing the planning of the website, the design, the content as well as the tools I will need and use to develop the website

My Experience with Android Development – Emil Namaan Reuben Murray

My Experience with Android Development – Emil Namaan Reuben Murray

Hi, my name is Emil. This is the second day of summer school that I have attended where I am now doing Android Development. My first Summer School was last December where I did API Development. My mentor for this week was Wayne. Wayne was a really good mentor as he...

Summary : Insight on my week at immedia offices

Presentation Link - https://prezi.com/view/gMEAna3dztV6pm6EKa3j/ Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Hope all is well Today I will give you insight and a brief overview of what iv learnt and acquired during my summer school week in office Just a quick introduction on...

My Time at Summer School

The immedia’s Summer School has been a great and worthwhile experience. During my time at immedia I was able to learn Design, as well as the intricacies associated with it. I had a great mentor(Haymz) that was ever-willing to assist and share ideas when I needed it. I...

Web Dev Diary – Day 3

Web Dev Diary – Day 3

Day 3 Today, I want to finish off the character page and work on all the content. Not really in the mood to write all this CSS The thing that really sucks? I have to find all the content for this. Not that I have a problem, but it takes time. I'm thinking of cutting...

Web Dev – Dev Diary – Day 2

Day 2 The marvel API sucks. But hey, I'm stuck with it. I need a few node modules to handle the cryptography part of the API (It asks for an MD5 hash). So I ended up needing to turn this into a Node.JS app, should work now? Nope Found an NPM package that says it can...

Web Dev – Dev Diary – Day 1

Day 1 So, I have to build a website for a fictional movie that has: - some static content - phones an API - Writes to a data store of some sort To start off, I was going to use WordPress, but WP is super limited and annoyed me, so here I am, building this site from...