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Thato Moletsane

Looking back to my first day, I remember feeling anxious about whether I would be able to complete a website in just 4 days. On day one, I decided to look through tutorials on making a website using the ReactJS library. I was only able to partially complete a single web page by the end of day two, but the amount of knowledge and experience I had gained throughout those first two days was useful in the end.

Day three seemed like a repeat of the first day of learning web development, as I struggled to understand how to use state management and API’s in React. After gleaning as much information as I could from tutorials on the Pokemon API, I was finally successful in calling data from the API and displaying it in my view. It felt great to have seen how much I was able to learn through trial and error, even though the errors may have cost me quite a bit of time.


The last few hours of Summer School were spent trying to clean up the site pages and fighting it out with the nightmare that is CSS on my API page, as I tried to layout the functionalities in the UI. Sadly, I was unable to add on some of the ideas I had for the page before the final day, I think they would have linked very well onto the backend part of the project.

I am truly grateful to Immedia for this opportunity. The exposure to web development was an invaluable experience that will become a foundation for any future learning I will undertake. I am also grateful to the mentors for their patience and openness in taking the time to very clearly explain what they could about UI/UX design, and web development during our meetings.



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