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12 December

On the 12th of December I had an opportunity to learn about firewalls, the types of firewall and their uses and Nakita she showed me how to configure a firewall ,a fortinat firewall.

Last day at summer school

I am a bit sad because this is my last day of the week here at immedia summer school, today I installed Retro Pie on the Raspberry Pie, took a bit long because the main problem was with the sd card and the HDMI cable 😂, yeah the cable was not secure enough,...

Day 3 setting up and learning about Raspberry Pi

Well today was really fun I must say, I got to learn and set up a Raspberry Pi 3 b+, basically it is a mini-computer. The main task is run/install RetroPie on the mini machine, had some trouble with a few stuff but it should be all good and I am really looking forward...

Day 2 making Ethernet cables, what fun??!!!

Well, is there anything else more time consuming than making ether net cables? Today i started of by cleaning the workshop with Nevlin, attended a meeting with the CEO of immedia Mr.Anice Hassim, the meeting was absolutely mind changing, a combination of the past...

Summer School

Hi people I had a wonderful day at Summer School. Nakita she was so welcoming ,although she was a little busy but she managed to spare her time to show me some things.

Last Day

Unfortunately today is the last of summer school. I’m so sad that our time here as summer schoolers is reaching its conclusion. It would be so much better if this was a two week opportunity as I was get to spend more time here. It’s amazing how this place...

The penultimate day of Summer School

We spoke about digital media and how it can help businesses as well as society in terms of improving growth. As digital media doesn’t required much infrastructure. 


This morning I attended a MindShift session with Anice, who is the CEO of immedia. I was very intrigued.😲 🤯I learned a lot about what this organization is about, its vision and mission, and more insightful information. During the day I had another...

Day 3 – API’s and re-calibrate

The culture here is amazing, it’s just like in the movies. Everyone is sitting down by their table and doing their work. However, unlike the movies this office doesn’t have that boss that’s breathing down on everyone’s throat. Go watch the movie Wanted to get an idea of what I’m talking about.