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Today i am going to tell about my Summer School experience.

i started my summer school on 10 jan 2022,the first meeting was nice we had an introduction and we know everyone from students ,supervisors and people who run the program. After the introduction we we learn abt what we will be doing and we god assign to our supervisors of which i was assign to Shane Sarkhot .I was doing a Web Development and it was amazing working with Shane Sarkhot as a supervisor.

The first meeting with my supervisor came on 11 jan 2022 in which the supervisor came with 5 names of movies and i had to choose one in which i will create a website of a movie to be released. I choose to work with the lord of rings and on the first day Mr. Shane told me to just have a free day in which i have an open mind collect ideas and see what i want to come up with, or what type of a website i will come up with. The website should have 5 pages , and each with a different content.

The second meeting was on 12 jan 2022 in which the supervisor now told me i should start  with my website since i have what i want in mind and i have done research and created a mind map, The supervisor told me that we will be working with WordPress or WIX to do the web development but i could use any web developing tool of my choose and it would not take that much time. I was very happy to get a chance to learn something new since i only had an experience of creating a website from scratch with HTML, happy as i was i started to created my website unfortunately starting something new do comes with confusing i end up sing up account with “mystrikingly.com” and get started and the following day i had something to present.

The third meeting was on 13 jan 2022 in which i pitch to my supervisor and he immediately outlined and was happy that i had used mystrikingly and after my presentation my supervisor come with few ideas and also advice me on few things i should change, going back to change this was a challenging so i decided to then change and used WordPress to develop my site in which it was very simple and easy to work with and i and up with the best website .after i was done i had a short meeting with my supervisor and he was very happy with my work.

The last day of my Summer school was Friday 14 jan 2022 in which i was presenting my work to everyone and i was very happy to get a chance to learn and come up with a working outcomes. Below i have put a sample of home page of my website. You can view the whole site here ” https://lordofrings562768647.wordpress.com/ ”