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Day 1 began with at 8:30 Monday morning with the Summer School: Orientation. Reevana broke down the plan of action for the week and, what we will be expected to complete by the end of the Program. After the orientation I had a virtual meeting with my mentor Wayne. Wayne explained to me that I would be using NASA’s Open API to display the Astronomy Picture of The Day on my android application. After the meeting was complete I received a complete breakdown of what the android project required. The project from the outset seemed intimidating however, I was ready to learn the topics at hand and confident that I would be able to complete the task by the given due date.
Day 1 progress
By the end of the first day I was able to complete a Basic Kotlin app with a functioning Bottom navigation bar. The app made successful API GET requests to NASA’s Open API and displayed the Image, Image title and Date of image on the home page.

Home page displaying the image, image title and image date