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For my week I was mentored by Lusanda and Phumlandi but got to meet and felt incredibly welcomed by the whole Geek Managed Services team. I was able to ask them questions I had about the industry and their work in particular.

Day 1: I began the day by meeting the Geek Managed Services team. I then watched videos discussing the basics behind Cloud Computing, and the OSI Network communication model. The remainder of day 1 was spent testing devices, components and peripherals. This included testing if HDD’s, mice, keyboards and a pair Bluetooth headphones were functional. I also tested Intel Nucs were turning on and all of their ports were working.

Day 2: I Learned about Microsoft 365 and how it can be managed through the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre. I then created a user, managed licences, and reset user’s passwords. I learnt how to create POP and IMAP accounts in Zimbra. To end the day I reset a Windows 10 Laptop that had been rented out on contract, so that it could be used again.

Day 3: I learned how to configure a wireless router with some basic settings like setting the available IP address range for DHCP, static DNS address, hiding the SSID, changing the password/encryption type used, and MAC address filtering. I was then shown the currently available paths for Microsoft certification with examples of what you could do with some of the later specialised certifications. I tested network switches to see if they were functional and all ports were in working order. I then tested iPads and Samsung tablets to see if they were in working order and whether or not all the buttons, camera and speakers were working. Finally I tested whether Unifi wireless APs were functioning and appearing on a IP scanner scan.

Day 4: I learned some basics about Microsoft Azure such as core Architectural Components namely, Regions, Availability Zones, Resource Groups, and the Resource Manager. I also started watching content for the Azure Fundamentals certification. I researched generic trouble shooting techniques for electronics like HDDs, UPSs, Routers, and Switches. I performed a routine check-up on an employee’s laptop to ensure it was functioning properly and to note any issues with it or damage done to it. I then had to email through a report with images indicating any faults I had found. I was shown the Immedia server room with an explanation of the different hardware and that the devices must be checked daily to ensure there are no problems. I was also shown the process for troubleshooting client’s email problems.

Day 5 will include a report back on what I have learnt over the week as well as a Teams call discussing tips for CVs and interviews.