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My Week as An Android Developer at Immedia


Day 1

On my day 1 at the summer school, I got to meet my mentor and other team members, my mentor was Wayne and he is an Android Developer at Immedia,

On the first day, He asked me if I had done Android studio before, I answered that I had not done Any android development before, he then assigned me to download an IDE(integrated development environment) called Android Studio, I then went and downloaded the IDE at https://developer.android.com/studio,from then on, I had to create an android app of a calculator, It felt challenging and new to me as I did not have any idea where to start, but Wayne made it easier by giving me a link to a tutorial I was supposed to follow and further told me I can contact him anytime for assistance if ever I was stuck on something, that relieved me and made me feel less under pressure.


Day 2

I started researching about the project I had been given using  YouTube, YouTube  were some of the resources I used, Stackoverflow also, I had to prepare thoroughly to have a working calculator, I then went to create my first project and I used this resource to help me with creating my first ever android project,https://www.instructables.com/How-To-Create-An-Android-App-With-Android-Studio/,It helped me as it was my first time, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do, After creating the app, I started working on the UI(User interface) of my app, I enjoyed this part because I have some experience with UI/UX and it offered me that chance to use some of the skills I have, after doing the UI for the calculator it ended up looking like this:

After finishing my UI I then started working on it to be functional, at first the calculator was only supposed to have Arithmetic Operations that work, your signs like +,-,/ and *, I worked on that all, and the calculator was functional and working perfectly, I used methods and switch cases for the Calculator, and the language I used was JAVA, which I enjoyed using.

Day 3

On Day 3, I had a fully working calculator which I then presented to my Mentor Wayne, he liked it after then he gave me more good ideas to add onto it, he advised me to add a little game on top of it and also A unit converter to convert the value in some other metric value,

I then started researching on how to do this, at first I wanted to do it on the same page that the calculator is operating at, but then I remembered that some apps take you to another page, for instance when you click a button, I then wanted to know how to apply that to my app, when I researched I was given results that, I can definitely do that if I create another activity ,meaning that when I press that button it will redirect me to that new activity, This really opened a new world to me, and made me feel excited to learn more as I applied that functionality and just watched as the page transitioned to another page so effortlessly , I might have transitioned a thousand times, just because I was appreciating the beauty of software development, fast forward, 2 – 4 hours onto it I finally finished the Unit converter which converted Kg into pounds and it was working as I wanted it to, I also learned a method called the toast method as I was doing the Unit converter, I used the toast method to display the value in pounds, but it only appears for a short period of time then disappears, its a really cool feature to have on any app,

this is how my unit converter looked like:

and the toast looks something like this :

and by the time I finished this I was too tired to do anything else, I then went for a rest

Day 4

My Day 4 was a Thursday there were no meetings, and I had done like 80% of the project I decided to do just the UI FOR my game, nothing much was done on this day, I also watched some videos to help keep me updated on what I could do better on my app

Day 5

On a premiere day, I woke up and started working on my game since I had done the Ui the previous day, it was now time to work on its logic, I went ahead and created a game in which 2 random numbers a generated at the same time, and for the player to win the game, they have to choose the larger number between the two numbers up until they have 5 points, you win the game when you have 5 points in the bag,

I went on and did the game it had some while loop, and some if conditions, and also a couple of methods, but it did what I wanted it to do and that also made me learn a couple of things, my week at immediate was great especially because this was my first ever time doing something like this, Android development and also attending summer school, it gave me a good experience which I wouldn’t forget ever, the lessons I learned while doing the project and the growth that I got from it is amazing, I always work that gains me some good experience and work which grows my skills to some sort, the project was not an easy task but my passion for Software development pushed me to deliver something that works at the end of the day, I thank Immedia for this wonderful opportunity and I wish more people would get to know about the summer school, on my side I will keep letting more people know about it because of what I learned only in a week.

this is the game I created:

Guessing Game with Android Studio


At the end of the day, I had created a calculator with 3 Activities, The calculation part, The unit converter, and a game, all in one app.

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