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The first day I arrived at immedia, I did not know what to expect but I knew that a wealth of knowledge would be imparted to me. I come from a Media background and the nitty gritty of the Technology space is something I am not too familiar with but like a child starting school, I was keen to learn.

I was given a computer to work off of and a tutorial of how to do coding, to create the game “Tic Tac Toe”. I won’t lie but I honestly felt out of my depth and felt a bit out of place because I have no knowledge of coding. However, I knew that I wanted to achieve my goal, which was to learn all about coding and produced evidence from it all.

I have enjoyed each and every moment from the experience that I have been given, from the other students that I was with, who were also placed to achieve the same purpose, to the people working at immedia showing their support, it was amazing!

Now that I have achieved my goal, I will continue to patient myself and learn all about coding, excellence takes time! I am definitely coming back for more courses to learn about the world of technology and how I can also infuse my skills from the Media space to the world of technology.

I would highly recommend the Summer School from immedia to come in and join the learning experience, not only do you grow as an individual but your eyes become more open about the world that we live in and finding a way to empower yourself to be greater.

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