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Time flies! It’s already second last day of summer school:( . Today was great. I think I learned more about my career choice in the IT industry. I attended an event presented by Selene Shah titled: ‘about immedia’ and the purpose of summer school. I learned a lot from her today in the ways I should educate myself in order to stay relevant and aware about the IT industry not just in Durban or South Africa, but in the whole world. She gave use different sites that we can visit to improve our coding skills or simply to learn a new Language. She spoke about a lot of important things one can do to improve portfolio and every experience counts especially for someone like me searching for work. As for my Web Development week, my mentor Ntobeko gave me a brief introduction to API’s and we did an example to demonstrate how it all works. Pretty cool stuff! This week has been very educational. I am grateful for the opportunity that immedia offered.

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