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Wow! I’m so happy that I attended, it really was such an amazing experience.

I came in wanting to explore new languages such as Android and iOS because it was something I had not done and was interested in it. I was a bit scared though because I had no knowledge in iOS and Android, and didn’t know what to expect or what my mentors would expect from me.

It was so the opposite to what I thought it would be like!

I started off really slow because it was a lot to take in but my mentors (JO and Andre) were so patient with me and helped me so much – I really appreciate them taking the time to help me with errors I encountered and also being patient with my slow pace and trying to grasp the concept. They made me feel comfortable to ask any questions and worked at my pace and most of all just wanted me to learn something overall.

This week has really broadened my knowledge on programming and how I view it. I learnt you shouldn’t really just stick to one language and something you know, you should try push yourself outside you comfort zone and try new things because you never know.

Thanks so much to the immedia team (Hayley, Jo, Andre, Zandi and selene) for being so friendly and helpful with everything :) You guys have an amazing immedia family! #teamwork

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