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Usually On Fridays People Get Excited Cause Of The Weekend Ahead And Being Home With Their Families, To Me, It Had To Be A Sad Day Since Its My Last Day At immedia.

It Was Great Being Here And Being Exposed To The Bigger And Better World Of IT And immedia Ecosystem. The Love Is True, The Diversity Is Magical, The Environment feels Like Home And The People Are Family… Worth Every Day I Spent Here. With No Doubt, I Am Looking Forward On Visiting This Place Again Soon.

Now My iOS Development Knowledge Is On A Better Level Than The Moment I Arrived Here (immedia), Agile Development And Project Management Is Understood Way Better Than Before, Anice (Strategist) Blew My Mind With An Amazing App They Developed (Motivated To Go Out There And Do Something Bigger), And Today Was Exposed To Microsoft Data Centers Which Are Regarded As CLOUDS Which A Lot Of Us Don’t Know But Use Them On A Daily Basis.

I SO LOVE THE WORLD OF IT. All Thanks To immedia.


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