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Day 5 : The week has come to an end. I must say this has been an extraordinary experience. Today I had completed my tic tac toe game. This week has taught me a lot and i look forward to the next summer school so that i can expand my knowledge and meet new people. It is sad to leave , however this was an experience that gave me a well defined vision of a working environment.

I was keen to learn iOS and i can now tick that off my lists of skills to learn. I will be practicing iOS more often and grow my knowledge of it.My week at immedia has been very beneficial to me. I had not only learnt iOS, i had learnt to have a positive attitude and to never stop learning new things. It is never to late to develop new skills. Having faith, determination and perseverance will help you overcome any challenge thrown in your way. Thank you immedia for this amazing opportunity, thank you to the most amazing and friendly staff of immedia and thank you to my mentor, Deniel for helping me out with all my errors and explaining many concepts of iOS, as well as making iOS fun to learn.



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