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South Africa is a rapidly developing environment as evident from its recent increase in smartphone usage that has enabled us to overcome barriers in language, culture and location that exist within our richly diverse population. As we head into our vibrant future, immedia® supports this growth by providing quality customized solutions that enrich the lives daily.

As a pharmacist, I know that the value I add to my patients lives is dependent on my ability to communicate and influence behaviours. Smartphone technology gives healthcare professionals the ability to empower patients to achieve better health outcomes. This prompted my application to immedia® for Summer School.

“Is this possible without any coding knowledge and an IT background?” I ask Selene at my interview. Yes-only at immedia®!

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I started my quest for knowledge, skills and experience. Kindly supported by Andre and James, I focused on application development. Working through Android Studio, I developed my first app by the end of my first day. Android Studio is like bowling with the safety rails on. I’m still grasping the concepts of Fragments but am motivated enough to strive for a strike. Windows Visual Studio has a dynamic interface- If you can dream it, you can create it! Andre constantly motivates and supports me and I develop my first Windows App rapidly.  The end of the week comes faster than expected and Johann is helping me work my way through X-Code to develop my first iOS (Apple) app. I’m really enjoying this as I have never used a Mac before. Johan keeps me on track makes my experience relevant to my patients; I develop a basic app to help patients quit smoking.

Sitting with the new interns, Kershen and Natasha and my new colleague Ruchit, I realise my development is strongly supported by the positive energy that surrounds me. This energy and culture is driven by the passion of team that surrounds me. I see people of various cultures, knowledge and experiences working together to be the best they can be.

Friday 4pm and it’s time to close our laptops. Bonding activities begin and the stress of the week disappears as the team who worked so hard during the week relaxes and enjoys themselves. I enjoy my interactions with all (especially Steven) and our party continues to dinner and drinks. This is a family that is able to work and play together.

immedia® is a microcosm of the perfect South Africa and their culture, passion and values gives them a unique competitive advantage. I am grateful for the opportunity granted to me by the immedia® and look forward to working in future collaborations to improve the quality of the lives of all South Africans.

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