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Tuesday is my first day at immedia Summer School, was amazing. I got to feel what a workplace environment would like, what it means to be part of a team, meeting new friendly people.

Not only has my time in immedia has been about meeting new people but also informative in the sense that I was able to see computers not only from a software perspective but also from a technical viewpoint.

On my first day I felt a bit nervous because I was in a new environment and knew very little about computer but I met a guy a sharing space guy name Carl, he was helpful. Kept checking up whenever he had spare time and I would relay my problems and it would be solved.

Nakita my summer school boss so to who gave me a fun course to work on, for that I’m grateful. Nevlin the laptop stripper showed me the internal structure of laptops which was intriguing. My time here has been amazing.

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