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So….today was an amazing day at Immedia’s summerschool. We started the day of with a presentation with Kelly, introduced ourselves and went on to meet Ronald and Van, who both ran us through Agile and Scrum and how the company uses these methods to produce products to their clients. I honestly feel that if we can adopt the Agile and Scrum methods into our daily lives we can certainly get more work done in shorter amounts of time. Immedia and Geekmanagment teach you something that school does not, it introduces you into the real world and what people in the IT field do, how they interact with each other, work together and even have fun!!

Right after the meeting i went on to do some research about ether net cables and how to make them. I really learnt a lot about these cables, how they are made, where they are used and the different types of cables such as straight through cables which can be used as an all purpose cable and a crosscover cable which connects two computers to each other without going through a router. So I would say that it is certainly better to come to summer school rather than staying at home. Big up to my mentors Nevlin, Carl, Kemlyn, Nikita and Selena. Thanks guys for making this day amazing, and i can not wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me.

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