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I was tasked with API Development. I initially wanted to do Android Development but was tasked with API Development. During the first day, I found Kelly’s presentation about Communication and the necessity in a workplace very interesting as she was very interactive with the rest of the Summer Schooler’s. At first, I did not know anything to do or related to API Development but soon started to make progress.

My first day was very tough, as I worked on Visual Studio using a MAC (I am a full-time Windows user), with no experience in API Development. I was required to follow a tutorial, creating and implementing API’s using Visual Studio. I followed a tasked tutorial on API’s where I stumbled onto many errors and problems, where Rubashen and Ronald helped me. I had to do a lot of research to learn about APIs, the errors I had, how API’s worked with Visual Studio, etc. I worked on Visual Studio and Postman until Thursday afternoon, where I started designing a static website for the “Top 10 Netflix series”.

I successfully created the website using C++ on Visual Studio. I thoroughly enjoyed Rubashen’s presentation on Thursday about Software development, the types of roles, and the general discussions such as AI and security.

The environment in the office area was very comfortable and chilled. The employees were very nice and approachable.

In the end, I managed to create a successful website with a few features, which I was very proud of as it was my first one. I was unable to create the website implementing the Marvel API but will finish it soon. In my opinion, It was a very good week, as I was exposed to a working environment, different people, different platforms, and software.


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